Hydrocardon R290 water chiller - Waitrose distribution centre

Hydrocardon R290 water chiller - Waitrose distribution centre

Our larger range of chillers is manufactured in Italy and is available with cooling capacities from 25 – 200kW.

We've supplied chillers to work with down-flow units for server room cooling, space cooling and chilled glycol to water cooled refrigerated cabinets.


For the server room application each of the chillers has two independent primary refrigeration circuits, using R290, giving N+1 redundancy. They are also fitted with a second plate heat exchanger for connection to a future ‘Energy Centre’ which will provide free-cooling. When the Energy Centre is complete and on-line the chiller controls will prioritise the free-cooling, treating it as the first stage of capacity control, only bringing in the chiller circuits if required.

Whether for space cooling, process applications or to provide chilled water to water cooled plant we can provide a low GWP solution for your project.


Our smaller range of chillers have been used in a number of applications the most common of which, to date, has been supplying chilled water as a condensing medium on integral hydrocarbon water cooled condensing units. In this application a number of chillers are generally connected in parallel. Using entirely independent chillers working with a common buffer vessel gives a high level of redundancy, suitable where the operation of a store is entirely dependent on a reliable supply of chilled water.

The chillers can also be matched with Chilled Water Cassettes for space cooling. This is particularly useful where the application of DX hydrocarbon air conditioning isn’t possible because the refrigerant charge would exceed that allowable for the room area.

The photograph (right) shows Hydrochillers, and Phoenix HCAC units, installed at Waitrose Knightsbridge convenience store. The HCAC units are matched with above ceiling duct mounted terminal units. The Hydrochillers are supplying glycol at (18/24C) to integral water-cooled hydrocarbon display cabinets and packaged cold room units.

For more information on our range of hydrocarbon equipment please email, or go to our contact page.